Seoul Printing Center

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Seoul Printing Center


Location 146-1 Ssangnim-dong, Juug-gu, Seoul
Size 9 story-building, 1,495 Pyeong (4942 m2)
Main Facilities 1st Floor:
Printing Culture Information Center
Data & Statistics Room
Administration Office
2nd Floor:
Special Print Related Products Exhibition Center
Design Development Office
Business Consulting Office

Through both public and private cooperative projects, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Seoul Printing Center on April 29, 2002 to make a strategic stronghold of the printing industry, one of the major urban industries of Seoul, which accounts for a large portion of the manufacturing industry. ustry is growing rapidly and continuously, and its future is very bright because of rising demand for software, development and spread of new technology, increase of public and private investment, increase of business internet solution, spread of the information mind-set in all industries, strict illegal software control, spread of legal software use, the government's policy to increase software export and commercializing IMT 2000 service.

Why is the Seoul Printing Center needed?

Development As One of the Urban Strategic Industries
About 47 percentages of the whole nation's printing companies are located in Seoul and 72 percent of those companies in the capital city gather particularly in the Jung-gu area, central Seoul. Among the manufacturing industry, the printing industry accounts for 11 percent, the second highest rate in the industry following the clothing industry (18 percent). For specific, the number of printing-related firms is 7,693 in which 37,025 employees are working as of April 2002. As a result, the printing industry is needed to foster one of the major industries in Seoul.

Need for A Center To Lead The Printing Industry
It is, however, true that 72 percent of the printing companies are small-scale businesses with less than 5 employees. The newly established Seoul Printing Center might play a vital role in supporting companies in need and strengthening their competitiveness.

What does the Seoul Printing Center do?

Supporting Foreign Trade Activities
* To establish 'e-Marketplace' for Korean & Japanese printing firms in cooperation with professional electronic business firms
* To expand foreign market by linking the network of printing products with 'Buy Korea' a professional website of KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency)
* To designate promising export companies as trade frontier companies and support them enough to have international competitiveness
* To support design development in the printing industry through coalition between the center and KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)

Supporting Design Development
* To support design development in the printing industry through coalition between the center and KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion)

Supporting Technology Development
* To continue to proceed with the consortium including industries, schools, research centers and public agencies
* To develop a new technology that has a huge spreading effect on the industry, take up a patent and provide companies that need that technology with fee
* To foster and support promising companies with leading technology

Supporting Management & Providing Information
* To promote the protection of intellectual property rights
* To provide information on finance
* To provide information on domestic and international printing market

Contact Numbers

Division Phone & Fax
Information Center of Seoul Printing Center Tel: (82-2) 2278-3081
Fax: (82-2) 2278-3082
Seoul Print-Specialized Products Exhibition Hall Tel: (82-2) 2263-9966
Fax: (82-2) 2263-9956
Seoul Print Information Center Tel: (82-2) 333-8631
Fax: (82-2) 334-8731


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