Seoul Venture Town

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Seoul Venture Town


Committed to comprehensively supporting venture companies in Seoul, Seoul City opened the Seoul Venture Town on June 30, 1999 on the Teheranno (Road) in Yeoksam-dong, southern Seoul.

The office building of the Seoul Venture Town, which has 8 stories underground and 20 stories above, is equipped with exclusive Internet lines and features a conference hall, an Internet audio/video communication cyber-meeting room, an information center, all of these that are essential facilities for venture companies.

The Seoul Venture Town is in particularly advantaged in terms of its location. It is located at the central site many information communications and technology enterprises and venture capital companies are conglomerated. It is also close to Yangjae-dong and Poi-dong where a number of software development companies can be found.

In addition to its geographic advantage, various capital support organizations such as the Seoul Credit Assurance Union, the Establishing Investment Company, the Venture Consulting Company and taxation, accounting and financial institutions are located within the Seoul Venture Town, providing comprehensive support for the venture companies.

Companies Housed in the Seoul Venture Town

* Building Status: Land 1,267.3m2 (app. 384pyeong), Building 22,816.6m2 (6,914.13pyeong)

* Composition Scale (Lease Area) : Building 16,767m2 (5,072 pyeong: 15stories-73.4%)

Floor Residing Situation
20th(176.93pyeong) Grand Conference Hall, Technology Business Consulting Room, Comprehensive Information Center, Venture Company Supporting Team.
19th(362.58pyeong) Resting Place, Training Room, Seminar Room, SIPRO Investment Mart Room, Showroom, Capitalˇ¤Marketing Supporting Team.
18th(362.58pyeong) Softnara Inc., Dobetech Inc., Cyber International, JiranSoft, Inc., Seoul Design Service, SoMang Technology co., Ltd., Sinchang Tech, Ritech Engineers, BnC Intelligence, Yuha Saneop.
17th(362.58pyeong) Bogwang Color Lock System, WISE iTech Co., Ltd., Overnet, Inc.
16th(362.58pyeong) Design Tech Holdings, Tmax Soft, DIGITEL
15th(362.58pyeong) Netro21, KSIC, Future Tech, MTECH Information Communication. co., Ltd.
14th(362.58pyeong) VOXTECH, INZEN Inc., CyberNet Information System Inc., KCI Limited
13th(362.58pyeong) Cinepix, WIZnet Inc., C-ONE TECH Co., Ltd., Saengmyeong Anjeon Saneop
12th(362.58pyeong) Enter Tech, SNE, Global Industrial Survey Co., Ltd., Hannuri System Co., Ltd., Media Land.
11th(340.61pyeong) Thanksnet,, Mosys, C Qnix Solution, Kocat.
10th(362.58pyeong) Geoline, Lostililsa, Wisesoft, Bogo Jeongbo System, Sangan Shileop, TYC.
9th(362.58pyeong), Inc., Webtour, Chasedae Jeongbo Tongshin.
8th(362.58pyeong) T G Venture.
7th(362.58pyeong) Seoul Credit Assurance Foundation.
6th(362.58pyeong) Ajou Saneop Lease Area 1,087,74pyeong
3rd(362.58pyeong) Dongwon Securities
2nd(305.54pyeong) Hanmi Bank
1st(203.55pyeong) Seoul Venture Town Official Equipment Center
B1st(336.69pyeong) Convenience Facilities(86.22pyeong), Parking Area(250.47pyeong)
B2nd~7th(1896.51pyeong) Parking Area(158spaces), B2nd floor 333.48pyeong, Other floors 1563.03pyeong.
B8th(247.60pyeong) Machine Room, Electricity Room.

Introduction of Companies Housed in Seoul Venture Town
* 49 companies in total : Software(21), Latest Technology(12), Information*Communication(9), Character(2), Animation(2), Database Construction(1), Supporting Agency(2)

Room Number Company Name (Representative) Category of Business Introduction of Business Remarks

  1. Seoul Credit Assurance Foundation (Gi-Yeom Eom) Assurance Institution Supply credit assurance to potential companies with not enough security.
  2. T G Venture (Jeong-Sik Lee) Venture Capital Loan business, Financial business of latest technology to support venture companies
  3., Ltd. (Jae-Yeong Heo) Software Developing new confirmation system to activate the use of electronic currency Venture Company
  4. Webtour (Jun-Su Kim) Information Communication Developing software concerning electronic commercial transactions and the actual business. Venture Company
  5. Chasedae Jeongbo Tongshin (Jong-Tae Won) Information Communication Developing OCR, search engine, and scanner Member of software industry association, Venture Company
  6. Geoline (Chung-Gi Ahn) Software Cyber auction of plane tickets through electronic settlement system. Member of Venture Company Association, Venture Company
  7. Lostililsa (Suk-Jin Mun) Software World's only finding internet portal site Venture Company
  8. Wisesoft (Sang-Yun Seo) Software Developed 4 Softwares including Wise UMS1.0, a network electronic commercial transaction tool Venture Company
  9. Bogo Jeongbo System (Sang-Sun Song) Software Development of automatic inspection and payment system.
  10. Sangan Shileop (Yong-Seok Lee) Latest Technology Medical diagnostic instrument using fluorescent material Venture Company
  11. TYC (Byeong-Gi Kim) Latest Technology Production of Coatech Filters under Korea's largest ultramodern coating facilities Company with great promise
  12. Thanksnet (Chan-Wung Kim) Latest Technology Developing isolators for electromagnetic waves. Venture Company
  13. Ribo Tech (Sin-Yong Gang) Latest Technology Production of artificial marble and its application. Venture Company
  14. Mosys (Gi-Ho Jeon) Latest Technology Development of Image Input Sensor Camera Chip Venture Company
  15. Atoonz, Inc. (Jin-Hee Lee) Animation Digital network animation Venture Company
  16. Kocat (Hye-Kyeong Park) Latest Technology Development of air pollution eliminating catalyst Venture Company
  17. Enter Tech (Ju-Yong Kim) Software Development of electronic commercial transaction construction package and solution. Venture Company
  18. SNE (Geon-Su Han) Latest Technology Development of environmental friendly recyclable synthetic wood. Venture Company
  19. Global Industrial Survey Co., Ltd. (Gyu-Hyeong Lee) Information Communication Internet Tourism Venture Company
  20. Hannuri System Co., Ltd. (Dong-Hak Lee) Information Communication Development of multimedia KIOSK system and ISDN audio/video conference system. Venture Company
  21. Media Land (Su-Hee Lee) Software Development of Laptop management software, TCO. Venture Company
  22. Cinepix (Sin-Hee Jo) Animation Development of 3D production and production technique. Venture Company
  23. Wiznet (Yun-Bong Lee) Software Development of 12Phone-smart and 12FAX Venture Company
  24. Virtual Media (Myeong-Hyeon Yu) Software Virtual advertisement and digital broadcasting image Venture Company
  25. Saengmyeong Anjeon Saneop (Jeon-Hun Seo) Latest Technology Traffic safety facilities.
  26. VOXTECH (Yeong-Uk Park) Software Development of letter recognition system and high speed scanner. Venture Company
  27. Inzen Inc. (Chang-Won No) Software Development of security products such as server security system and internet invasion system. Venture Company
  28. CyberNet Information System Inc. (Jong-Hu Lee) Information Communication Smart card mobile station. Venture Company
  29. KCI (Ha-Ja Kwon) Software Development of module of the account book related image recognition engine. Venture Company
  30. Netro21 (Yeoung-Il Choi) Software Development of tools and internet marketing system that can realize Individual Marketing and Pinpoint Marketing. Superior Latest Technology, Venture Company


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