Software industry

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Software industry


The domestic software industry had been growing very strongly until 1997 maintaining over 40% of growth in the gross sale every year. But the sale was dramatically dropped when the Korean economy was hit by IMF crisis in 1998. However, with the government's effort to revive the software industry and increase of private investment on computer related industries, the domestic software industry grew 32% in the gross sale over 70 billion won in 1999 compared to the previous year. It is expected to grow 29.4% every year after 2000, and the total industry will have a 2.7 trillion market by 2004.

The domestic software industry took over 1% of the GNP in 1997. Each year, the software's gross sale continued to grow, and it took 1.61% of the GNP in 1999. Especially, it will reach 1.96% in 2000, and the significance of the software industry in Korean economy has been increased every year. Therefore, the contribution of the software industry will have a great effect on the national economy.

The domestic software industry is growing rapidly and continuously, and its future is very bright because of rising demand for software, development and spread of new technology, increase of public and private investment, increase of business internet solution, spread of the information mind-set in all industries, strict illegal software control, spread of legal software use, the government's policy to increase software export and commercializing IMT 2000 service.

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