Seoul Animation Center

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Seoul Animation Center


With growing importance of the animation industry in Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government opened the Seoul Animation Center in May 1999 on the northern side of Mt. Namsan. The center was initiated and established by the city government and has been operating by the Seoul Industry Promotion Foundation since its inception. The municipal government was in charge of the center's overall construction.

The Seoul Animation Center is designed to promote and support the cartoon and animation industry that exceeds 1.5 trillion won in the total domestic sales volume. In May 2002, the center opened 'Animation House' , a 3-story building containing the following facilities:

- Movie theaters
- Exhibition halls
- Museum of animation history
- Library

Major functions of the Seoul Animation Center are:

* To integrate a wide range of information on international animation
* To show animated cartoons regularly to the public
* To operate various exhibition halls for special events related to the industry
* To lease equipment for making animation films
* To host short animation film festivals
* To develop specialized programs for professional animation activities
* To boost industry-academic cooperation

The Seoul Animation Center boasts its cutting-edge equipment in film editing and recording rooms and a 200-seat theater equipped with multi-projectors and 16mm/35mm projectors. The center also has the information center with animation-related laser disks and videotapes.

The center hosts regularly contests for scenario and character and various events, including the Seoul Animation Film Festival and the Seoul International Cartoon Festival. As of May 2002, 13 animation companies are located in the center to support financially and technically highly qualified human resources.


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