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"Lineage set fire to the online mud game market."

The city of Seoul has undergone intensive restructuring programs. In order to streamline its bloated organization, the Seoul Metropolitan Government cut back 20% of its agencies as well as overall staff in its headquarters, subsidiary offices as well as city-invested organizations (public corporations). A portion of the functions and staff of the subsidiary offices were contracted out to the private sector.

Help each other to survive, fight for honor
Lineage is a MPOG (Multi Player Online Game) where gamers throughout the world can play through the Internet. An MPOG is a kind of Role Playing Game (RPG) with graphic elements added to text-based online game, or MUD (Multi User Dungeon). In Lineage, unlike other network games, players do not just compete in their strategies or tactics. Lineage is a game where one can infuse his or her emotion into the character and travel in virtual spaces, while making online contacts with people all over the world, sometimes as their friend and at other times as their enemy.

Multi-Language Support for Foreigners
Lineage has made its game resources available in English and Japanese for non-Korean players. Also, Lineage adopted multi-language support for game players speaking different languages to communicate with each other during the game. During the installation, Lineage automatically detects the player's OS language and offers interfaces where player can use their own language in the game. At present, Lineage supports Korean, Japanese, and English and is planning to add other languages in the future.

Special Feature of the Game
Even now, many gamers in the Lineage world are making adventures, while improving their game characters. Then, what is attracting these many gamers into the Lineage world?

* Based on the client-sever model, Lineage allows thousands of players to log on simultaneously. A world is formed by several servers, and this one world can offer service to thousands of players.

* With a direct and simple game interface, anyone can easily play this game.

* Whenever the players connect to the server, the server automatically installs the new patches or updates to the client so that even if the game is updated very often, clients can easily upgrade it.

* Using high quality 3D Pre-Rendered Graphic, Lineage creates a beautiful and realistic game space.

* Designed to support multi-language, the Lineage can easily add the user interface for people around the world speaking different languages.

* Lineage provides a new sort of fun by adding an element of tactical combat, where multiple players can compete strategically, to the previous role-playing game. Lineage is a real "WAR" game.

* The player can choose from various characters, including Prince, Princess, Knight, Elf, and Wizard, and is offered all kinds of items.

* When players choose Prince or Princess as their character, they can make their own alliance. The leader of an alliance mobilizes members and fights against other alliances to gain more power. Sometimes, a leader of a small alliance can become the lord of the broad manor, or a king of a country.

* In Lineage, all the players playing in a server can join in the Chat Room. In the near future, the function of the Chat Community will be expanded, for example, by creating the Chat Channel under their desired name.


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