Major Domestic Game Software Enterprises

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Major Domestic Game Software Enterprises

Company Name Main Products Homepage

HQ Team Real-time strategy simulation game
"Seven Years War 2" (Korean)

KRG Soft RPG "Droiyan" (Korean)

NC Soft Korea's most popular online game "Lineage"

Garam & Baram 'The Legend of Eight Dragons" & RPG "Rayidian" (Korean)

Gamasoft "Messiah" (Korean)

Nexon Online games "The Kingdom of the Winds," "Legend of Darkness," "Quiz Quiz," etc. Wireless Internet game "Cosmo Nova"

DS Net "Three Kingdoms" and "Coba"

Be Technology Developed game platforms. Took over Kali Corporation

Softmax "The War of Genesis" and "The Rhapsody of Zephyr"

Sonnori "Forgotten Saga" and "Steel Empire" (Korean)

Cenozoic "Snow Fighter." Developed game S/W for arcade

Abalon Studio RPG "Dispel." Jointly developed online mud game "Wind and Clouds" (Korean)


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