Singer Rain to Work with Top American Star Omarion

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Singer Rain to Work with Top American Star Omarion



Singer Rain, a "star of Asia", has recently knocked on the door of the American music market with his concert at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York. He will likely work with top American star Omarion, who is dubbed "the second Usher", to produce a joint album and act together in a film.

During Rain's concert in New York on Feb. 3, the second day of the scheduled performances, Omarion displayed his impressive dancing ability onstage. During the concert, Rain once again called him onstage, hinting that he was pushing forward with a secret project with the American star.

Since both of them have singing, dancing and acting abilities, fans, journalists and those from the entertainment industry who filled the concert hall to capacity that day, showed extraordinary curiosity about what they were planning.

On Feb. 9, an official from Rain's agency, JYP Entertainment, raised public expectations about their joint project, saying, "These two young men, who can dance, sing, and act well, can work together to release a duo album or act together in a film".

Park Jin-young, Rain's producer, has already finished writing two songs for Omarion's new album at the latter's request. Some people cite the possibility of Omarion singing one of these songs in a duet with Rain.

The introduction of Omarion's new songs will reportedly be conducted by P. Diddy, "the Midas of American hip-hop" who made Rain's first-day concert shine by his appearance onstage, and Teairra Mari, a rising American R&B star.

Omarion used to be the lead singer of B2K, a popular group of young singers, and debuted as a solo singer in 2005. His debut album "O" sold more than 1 million copies, causing him to attract media attention as a "next-generation Usher". He is a now a hip-hop superstar who has also been recognized as an actor after starring in the film "You Got Served". He was praised for having displayed his dancing ability in the film.

An official from JYP Entertainment said, "Rain and Omarion immediately bonded because of each other's ability and modesty, and promised to be friends. They are on such friendly terms that they have exchanged their cellphone numbers".

Rain said, "I like Omarion's modesty and warm personality. I hope to work with him and build a good friendship".


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