China Benchmarking S. Korean Animation Industry (Source) 2006/02/15

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China Benchmarking S. Korean Animation Industry (Source) 2006/02/15

China is trying to benchmark the South Korean animation industry to develop its own cultural industry, including animation.

The Hong Kong newspaper Wenhuibao () reported on Feb. 15 that the Chinese government is benchmarking South Korea's development strategy, while putting forward its own "5155 Project". The project aims to publish 5 kinds of comic magazines and 15 comic books based on 5 animation industrial bases.

Based on this project, China has already produced comic magazines and books such as "Children's Comics" and "Beijing Cartoon".

Fu Tiezheng (), deputy chief of a division within the Chinese Comic Art Committee, said that the South Korean animation market, which once relied heavily on Japanese influences, has made remarkable progress qualitatively and quantitatively thanks to its own strategy to develop its animation industry. Fu said, "China should follow the example of South Korea for the promotion of our own animation industry".

Japanese animation dominated the South Korean market in the early 2000s. But, according to Fu, South Korea's animation industry is currently on equal footing with that of Japan, as a result of its strenuous R&D efforts and closed-door policies toward Japan.

Chinese experts urged the government to work out an aggressive policy to develop China's own animation industry. They said that despite a sufficient supply of comic and animation talent, China lacks enough funds and a proper management system.

They are studying South Korea's animation growth strategy in the belief that under a similar consistent policy, China can achieve the industrialization of its own animation with the cooperation of four sectors: publication, the film industry, investors, and manpower.

After designating animation as a key sector, China is currently pouring funds into the animation industry based on its decision to develop the cultural industry--including films, performing arts and online games--during the duration of its 11th five-year economic plan (2006-2010).


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