Expanding into Terrestrial DBM Service Business!

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Expanding into Terrestrial DBM Service Business!



Participating in 2 terrestrial DMB consortiums-DMB Korea, DMB Plus

- Participating in DMB related business such as contents transmission service, IDC center operation, broadcasting SI

- Actively promoting the technological capability and know-how accumulated from broadcasting/satellite service and broadcasting SI area such as operation of in-house satellite station

HIT is taking initiatives for expanding into terrestrial DMB service business and has started full-scale participation in business.

HIT(www. hit. co. kr) announced on the 19th this month that it has signed the letter of intent and MOU for joint project execution with ®DMB Korea Consortium' and ®DMB Plus Consortium', consortiums for preparing terrestrial DMB service business.

HIT, which has been providing broadcasting/satellite services such as CATV distribution network transmission services, TVR,VSAT and CDN through its Yongin IDC center and satellite station, plans to expand into terrestrial DMB service to actively participate in DMB related businesses such as contents transmission service, IDC center operation, and broadcasting SI service for implementing transmission rooms.

In particular, according to the signed agreements, HIT will cooperate in all related areas including personnel, broadcasting technology, training and receivers for the seamless execution of the terrestrial DMB business such as implementation of satellite network in joint with existing network providers, transmission service for TV channels, technology cooperation for utilization of Internet-related IDC centerse tc.

In addition, HIT has established detailed guidelines such as preparing alternatives for expanding investment such as investment participation for addressing the terrestrial DMB market according to the result of final contractor selection scheduled for March; prior to the contractor selection, it plans to emphasize the technology and know-how accumulated from broadcast/satellite services and broadcast SI area through strengthening cooperation.

HIT has an effective system to support addressing the broadcast transmission service and satellite service markets ; it is operating the satellite station in Yongin,Kyunggi-do and the Digital Chosun Ilbo satellite broadcasting center in Kwanghwa-mun, Seoul as mutual backup center and has adopted systems such as major conditional access system, broadcast information system(BIS) and VOD service system

®DMB Korea Consortium', which is led by Digital Skynet, has established programming contract with over 40 program providers(PP) including Joongang Broadcasting, Korean Music Broadcasting, Yonhap News to prepare for expanding into terrestrial DMB service.


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