Establishing position in overseas IT outsourcing

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Establishing position in overseas IT outsourcing


Awarded financial system management(SM) project of VBARD/Vietnam EXIM Bank

- First overseas case after achieving leadership in Vietnam's financial IT market; acquired basis for stable business activities

- Presenting a new model for total outsourcing reaching from overseas computing system implementation to SM

- Proven project execution and management capability in Vietnam's IT market; securing brand power

- Occupying advantageous position in expansion projects of Vietnam's financial IT systems through local marketing and business continuity

HIT, which has achieved leadership in Vietnam's financial IT market, is presenting a new type of exploring overseas markets by winning IT outsourcing projects as well.

HIT(www .hit. co. kr) announced on the 11th this month that it has signed the contracts for system management(SM) of VBARD(Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) and Vietnam EXIM Bank and entered full-scale service.

The purpose of this project is to provide stable operation of the systems of VBARD(project period: January 2002 ~ February 2005) and EXIM Bank(project period: April 2002 ~ December 2004) which were successfully implemented by HIT; SM services will be provided for the following 5 years for VBARD and 3 years for EXIM bank.

In particular, the meaning of these project is even amplified by the fact that they ae the first cases in which a Korean company performs IT outsourcing through SM together with implementation of overseas computing system. That is, HIT has been acknowledged and trusted by its customers not only for its project execution capabilities but also for its project management and service capabilities.

HIT commented that the winning of this project is a victory of its brand power strengthened by thorough localization such as establishing local office and joint venture in Vietnam and consistently providing technology and know-how specialized for the financial area to its customers
In addition, HIT expects that, it will secure the basis for stable business execution in Vietnam's local market while winning an advantageous position in the modernization/expansion project for Vietnam's financial area which has been approved by the World Bank this year with a scale of 100 million dollars.

HIT's CEO stated that "due to the characteristics of SM business, HIT's position as an IT partner in Vietnam's financial market will be further strengthened.


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