Starting U-City Business in Full Scale

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Starting U-City Business in Full Scale


-Entering full-scale participation in regional ubiquitous business by establishing dedicated organization and strategy

- Providing basis for participating in large-scale IT projects such as U-Kangwondo, U-Pyungchang and Alpencia from a leading position

HIT refreshes its organization and strategy to enter ®Ubiquitous City(U-City)' business in full scale.

HIT(www .hit. co. kr) announced at its headquarters in Chungmu-ro on the morning of the 28th this month that it has signed the ®Strategic Alliance(MOU) for Participation in IT Technology and Service Modernization Project in the region of Kangwon Province'.

The purpose of this alliance is to establish strategic cooperation for development of IT industry in Kangwon Province ,which is pursuing establishment of culture tourism cities for the 21st century ubiquitous cities , between HIT and Kangwon Internet Company Association, the representative IT company association of the region.

Corporation Kangwon Internet Company Association:
Established in 2002. Consists of 47 IT-related member companies in the Kangwon Province; participates in IT policies, reorganization projects/ projects for promoting and activation informatization in the Kangwon province

Through this alliance, HIT and Kangwon Internet Company Association will pursue exchange of technology information in IT area and related cooperation exchange for modernization of IT technology and services in the Kangwon province and joint research in areas related to IT industry and development of business models(BM) including

In particular, cooperation with HIT for joint participation is planned for future projects such as ®Kangwon Province Ubiquitous Related Projects', ®U-Pyongchang Development Project' for promoting 2014 Pyongchang Winter Olympic Games and the project for building ®Alpencia', the best environment-friendly complex resort.

Meanwhile, HIT is participating in regional ubiquitous business in full scale by reorganizing its New Technology Business Unit, which has been carrying out new businesses such as biometrics authentication and RFID(RF identification) into the Ubiquitous Business Unit, organizing a new dedicated team to carry out the U-City project and establishing related marketing strategies.

HIT's CEO stated that " this alliance will provide a good model in which a large scale SI company cooperates with a local IT association to develop and activate regional IT business" and that "based on the accomplishments and know-how gained from strategically fostered new technology areas such as biometrics and RFID, we will concentrate our efforts to become market leaders in the U-City business as well".


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