Release of new concept fingerprint identification mouse

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Release of new concept fingerprint identification mouse


- Semiconductor(sweeping fingerprint sensor) built in into scroll mouse; providing both scroll mouse and fingerprint identification functionality in one piece

- All websites such as portals and favorite websites ®with one fingerprint'; ®rock-solid security' through convenient access and authentication

- Consolidated user authentication with network support for groupware, ERP, SSO etc. possible

- User security service by industry such as finance, public, hospital, corporate provided

- Expected to draw attention in the fingerprint mouse market dominated by imported products through ergonomic design, excellent functionality and quality

HIT, a company with excellent technology and business performance in the biometrics authentication area, is entering the fingerprint identification mouse market.

HIT(www .hit. co. kr) announced on the 29th that it has released ®Fingus', a new concept fingerprint identification mouse, and is entering related marketing activities for the new product.

Fingus : Compound word of fingerprint and mouse

®Fingus', the fingerprint identification mouse released by HIT, is the world's first scroll-type product providing fingerprint identification functionality together with scrolling, an important mouse functionality. With security issues emerging as a result of subsequent internet backing hacking incidents, it is expected that the fingerprint identification mouse will draw attention as the best protection for electronic financial transactions.

Unlike existing wheel-based mouse products, ®Fingus' incorporates a swiping-type semiconductor fingerprint sensor to provide both mouse scroll and fingerprint identification capabilities. Existing fingerprint identification mouse products did not provide scroll functionality therefore being subject to functional limitations despite providing high security.

®Fingus' substitutes fingerprints, which are an individual's characteristics , for ID and passwords to enable safe and convenient PC logon and login to favorite web sites thereby preventing the leakage of individual information; it provides ®consolidated authentication' type password management. That is, all websites requiring ID and password upon access such as sites for Internet banking, stocktrading, online auction or electronic payment, e-mail etc. can be accessed just by using fingerprint.

In particular, while existing fingerprint mouse products remain at PC-level security, ®Fingus' provides server program support to enable strong access control functionality so that specific users who have registered their fingerprints can access and use the specified files, folders and application programs.


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