Hospital Information System Implementation Project' of Kyung Hee University's East-West Neo-Medi

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Hospital Information System Implementation Project' of Kyung Hee University's East-West Neo-Medical Center



-Positioning as the leader in the area of medical informatization on the basis of advanced technology

- Project for implementation of a 845-bed , leading-edge medical system; total project scale of 12 billion won(ca. 12 million USD)

- New paradigm of grafting Eastern and Western medicine

- Actualizing ubiquitous hospital, enabling the processing of tasks at any place, at any time

Kyung Hee University's East-West Neo-Medical Center will be reborn as a new concept hospital attempting the grafting of Eastern and Western medicine in a Web-based ubiquitous environment.

HIT(www .hit. co. kr) announced that it has been awarded the contract for the ®Hospital Information System Implementation Project' of Kyung Hee University's East-West Neo-Medical Center(chairman: Mr. Yoo Myung Chul).

East-West Neo-Medical Center is a 845-bed Eastern/Western joint treatment hospital opening on March 3,2006; HIT will complete system implementation by November 30,2006.

This project, scaled at 12 billion won(ca. 12 million USD), has been initiated by East-West Neo-Medical Center with a goal to establish a ubiquitous hospital; in addition to an electronic medical record(EMR) system supporting Eastern/Western joint treatment, the first of its kind in the medical industry, the entire core IT infrastructure encompassing hardware, software etc. will be implemented in batch. HIT, which has successfully implemented Korea's first Web-based EMR system in the project of Konkuk University Hospital, plans to implement a system upgraded in both functionality and performance for East-West Neo-Medical Center based on already proven solutions.

HIT expressed that "East-West Neo-Medical Center is attempting a full-scale Eastern/Western joint treatment centered on specialized centers organized according to diseases; therefore, we expect that this project will become a landmark case" and that "in this project, a disaster recovery system (DRS) enabling to continue the hospital's core processes even in disaster or system failure conditions will be implemented to firmly guarantee the system's stability, which is an essential requirement for hospital information systems."

A representative of HIT stated that "HIT, which is Korea's first SI company to start hospital SI business, has accumulated extensive experience by implementing large-scale hospital information systems of over 30 hospitals such as Konkuk University Hospital, Ilsan Hospital, Eulji Hospital and Ewha University Mokdong Hospital" and emphasized that " in this project, Kyung Hee University initially selected Korea's major SI companies as primary contractor candidates one after another; however, HIT's professional technological competence in the medical area was acknowledged and therefore the contract has been awarded to HIT." By winning projects based on its advanced technological competence, HIT is establishing a firm position as the leader in the hospital informatization area.


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