Seoul's weekday-based car control program

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Seoul's weekday-based car control program



- Korea's largest radio frequency identification (RFID) project; selected as the primary contractor candidate for Seoul's weekday-based car control program

- Received highest score in comprehensive assessment comprising proposal evaluation, TTA performance test and price score

HIT (www .hit. co. kr) has been selected as the primary contractor candidate for Seoul's weekday-based car control program which has been drawing attention as Korea's largest radio frequency identification(RFID) project.

Seoul City announced on the 23rd this month that it held a proposal presentation session for three companies-HIT, DNS Technology and Mercury and selected HIT as the final primary contractor candidate

Mr.Cho Duk Young, RFID Team Leader of Seoul City, stated that "as a result of proposal evaluation and TTA performance test, HIT has received the highest score" and that "we will start negotiations with HIT tomorrow(24th)".

This project is the first large-scale RFID project ; therefore, HIT has won an advantageous position in following RFID projects. Once HIT signs this project, HIT will be able to carry out the Stage 2 expansion project on negotiated contract basis.

Mr.Song Dong Seok, RFID Team Leader, HIT stated that "it appears that our investment in efforts such as developing a Korean version jointly with the developers of Alien has been the main contributor to receive high scores in technology assessment". HIT will supply handheld units of LS Industrial Systems, fixed readers and tag inlays of Alien. Middleware has been developed jointly with Miracom INC; applications will be developed in-house.

Seoul City will install 12 readers and 32 antennas in 6 locations including Namsan Tunnel 1 and 3, Sangdo Tunnel, Kumwha Tunnel, Cheonho Underground Road and Nowon Underground Road; 1 handheld reader will be supplied to each of the 25 ward offices for attachment test and verification. A total of 250,000 RFID tags will be supplied, 10,000 to each ward office; interoperation with car registration system, tax information system and the systems of insurance companies will also be provided.

Seoul City will invest 950 million won(ca. 950,000 USD) to complete basic system implementation and development/operation of essential functions by December; program functionalities will be revised by June next year and installation expanded to 20 locations including public parking lots by the latter half of next year.


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