History of Gyeongju


History of Gyeongju


Ancient times
In the twelve regions of Jinhan, the city was called Saroguk.

The period of the Three Kingdoms
This began with the foundation of the Silla dynasty, and lasted for 992 years through a succession of fifty-six kings.
The city was called Seorabeol or Gyerim.

The Unified Silla Age
This period began the mainstream of our national culture.

Goryeo Age
Goryeo was an ancient Korean state (918-1392).
In 940, the twenty-third year of his reign, King Taejo gave the city the name of Gyeongju.
In 987, it was renamed Donggyeong, but in 1012, it reverted to Gyeongju.
In 1308, however, it became Gyeorimbu

Joseon Age
In 1413, it was renamed Gyeongjubu.
Later, in 1895 the name changed again, to Gyeongjugun.

1. 4. 1931
Gyeongju-myeon was given the higher grading of Eup (1 Eup 12 Myeon)

1. 7. 1937
It was divided into 8 Ri except for Yangbuk-myeon and Gampo-ri, which received the higher grading of Eup, becoming Gampo-eup (2 Eup 11 Myeon)

20. 5. 1949
Gangseo-myeon was regarded to become Angang-eup (3 Eup 10 Myeon)

1. 9. 1955
Gyeongju-eup was given the City status (Si) Si. And Gun was changed into Wolseong-gun

1. 1. 1989
Wolseong-gun was changed into Gyeongju-gun

1. 1. 1995
The establishment (from a merger) of an enlarged Gyeongju City (4 Eup, 8 Myeon and 17 Dong)

14.11. 1998
Hangjeong-dong was merged into Gyeongju City. (4 Eup, 8 Myeon and 13 Dong)