Korea, Uzbekistan to broaden economic cooperation

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Korea, Uzbekistan to broaden economic cooperation


June 17, 2005

Following is a joint statement issued at the close of the summit between President Roh Moo-hyun and President Islam Karimov of Uzbekistan in Tashkent on May 10.

At the invitation of Islam A. Karimov, president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President Roh Moo-hyun paid a state visit to Uzbekistan on May 10-12. The visit returned Karimov's state visit to South Korea in October 1999. The two leaders, having exchanged opinions on a wide range of bilateral, regional and international issues, and reaffirming the aspiration to develop bilateral cooperation based on mutual trust and respect, have agreed as follows.
The two sides confirmed that henceforward they intend to develop bilateral cooperation based upon the principles stated in the United Nations Charter: respect for independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the principle of non-intervention in the respective internal affairs of each country, as well as other globally recognized norms of international law.

The two sides, with deep satisfaction, shared common understanding on regional and international threats and challenges such as international terrorism, religious extremism, drug trafficking, organized crime, nuclear proliferation and the potential arms race in Asia, and political stability and post-conflict reconstruction of Afghanistan.

The two sides emphasized that the current level of mutual cooperation serves long-term national interests, promotes the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and deepening of mutually beneficial partnerships and the joint promotion of peace.

They reached an agreement to activate political dialogue at high and top levels, strengthen ties of friendship between the people of both countries, and cultivate interaction in international affairs, especially in the strengthening of stability in Northeast and Central Asia.

They intend to continue consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries to further address issues of mutual interest.

The Uzbek side reaffirmed its support for Korea's policy of peace and prosperity, which aims to promote peace on the Korean Peninsula and to attain common prosperity in Northeast Asia by deepening substantial inter-Korean cooperation.

The Uzbek side also confirmed its support for the Korean side's efforts to attain a peaceful and early resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue within the framework of the six-party talks.

The Korean side positively appreciates the initiative of Uzbekistan in the early establishment of a nuclear-free zone in Central Asia and believes that it will function as a key factor in the establishment of peace and stability for the people of this region.

The two sides expressed their satisfaction on the similar positions of the two countries' activities in international organizations and agreed on mutual support within the framework of international organizations, provided such support does not contradict the domestic interests of each side.

Korea expressed its support for the initiatives of Uzbekistan to establish a Central Asian common market and was confident that this effort would promote the strengthening of regional integration, economic development and prosperity of the countries in the region.

The two sides shared the view that the reconstruction of Afghanistan is the key to establishing stability in the region.

They shared a view on the importance of the early realization of the project to establish the International Trans-Afghan Corridor, as it would greatly contribute to reducing the delivery time and cost of goods transportation between Uzbekistan and Korea.

The two sides are confident that the balanced and mutually beneficial development of bilateral trade, attraction of direct Korean investments in the fields of information technology, cooperation in mining, oil and gas, and textile fields, production of high-technology output and other goods in Uzbekistan will contribute to the development of cooperation and the expansion of mutual relations between the two countries.

The two sides will encourage all forms of economic cooperation and trade exchange, including collaborative development in the automobile engineering industry and in the field of small and medium business, reciprocal exchanges of economic and financial information, assistance in the establishment and activities of joint ventures, and the development of other forms of cooperation in production, investment, banking and commercial fields.

The Korean side expressed its willingness to broaden its scale of investments, including direct investments, in Uzbekistan, and to continuously explore ways to cooperate in the labor sector.

The two sides noted with satisfaction that EDCF loans, extended with the effectuation of the intergovernmental agreement in March 2000, have contributed to the economic development of Uzbekistan and economic cooperation between the two countries. The Korean side expressed its readiness to proactively consider the loan for the proposed project, entitled "Equipping comprehensive schools of the Republic of Uzbekistan with educational computer classes" in the near future.

They expressed an intention to continue cooperative efforts henceforward to further develop Uzbekistan's economy and extend economic ties between the two countries through EDCF loans.

The two sides noted with satisfaction the role of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in implementing the programs for technical and humanitarian assistance to Uzbekistan and agreed to support its activities.

They reached an agreement to create a National Geographic Information System (GIS) in Uzbekistan under the technical assistance of Korea to promote the development of information technology in Uzbekistan.

The two sides agreed to encourage cooperation in the fields of humanitarian, cultural, and educational exchanges as a means of strengthening mutual understanding between two nations.

In this regard, they recognized that the Korean Diaspora in Uzbekistan would contribute to expediting cooperation in cultural and educational fields between the two countries, and agreed to promote traditional and cultural development of the Korean community in Uzbekistan in future.

The two sides noted, with satisfaction, that the visit, which was paid in an atmosphere of traditional friendship and mutual understanding was meaningful in the development of relations between Uzbekistan and Korea.

President Roh expressed his gratitude for the warm hospitality extended by the government and people of Uzbekistan and invited President Karimov to visit Korea again. The invitation was gratefully accepted.


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